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Desk top test system FT-17DT

Test system FT-17DT is a desk top version of FT-17HF tester. This solution is the best for companies running certification tests of ICs or initial testing of small quantities of microelectronic components.  It has the same functionality as FT-17 HF with one difference in maximum number of pin-electronics boards and universal I/O channels (FT-17DT – 4 boards and 256 I/O channels; FT-17HF – 12 boards and 786 I/O channels).


Application area:

- Final testing of microelectronics components and systems (in package and on semiconductor wafer) at the place of production or in the laboratory;

- Initial testing of microelectronic components and systems at companies buying electronics;

- Research and development, boundary testing of microelectronic components and systems, certification tests.

Devices under test:

- Digital ICs  (FPGA, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and so on);

- Memory ICs  (RAM, ROM, FLASH, etc.);

- RFID tags, smart-cards.